MillionsSweet and funny but with surprising depth—from Danny Boyle, the director of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. After their mother’s death, two little boys move with their father to a new housing development in northern England. The idea is to get a fresh start, but each grieves in his own way. Seven-year old Damian builds a house out of packing voices beside the railroad tracks and spends his time in imaginary conversations with saints he’s read about, always asking them if they’ve seen his mom. When a duffel bag full of money crashes into his playhouse, he’s convinced it’s a miracle and wants to give to the poor, but his brother Anthony is a practical sort who wants to buy real estate. But when the money turns out to be stolen, the boys must work together with their dad and their dad’s new girlfriend to foil the thieves and do the right thing with the money. A warm and thoughtful story about family, finances, what it means to be rich and what it means to be a saint. Available as a DVD or for streaming through Amazon Instant Video. Or borrow it from me! The accents are strong and the sound on the DVD is a little off; I recommend using the subtitles. —review by Anne Buchanan