Every step of the exploration of the liturgy of Witnessing and Blessing of Lifelong Covenant has yielded new insights for me and for the working group. For the next step, I’d like to take a different tack. The Bible is foundational to every faith-based opinion we hold as individuals, as a parish, or as a denomination. Most Episcopalians, if they were churched in their upbringing, come from another denomination. Someone from a Baptist background may have one understanding of how scripture was inspired and how we use it while someoneraised Roman Catholic would have something equally valid and important but very different. As life is lived those views are challenged, reinforced, nurtured and sometimes forgotten. When we know where someone’sshoes stand when the Bible is in their hands, we can listen to each other far more authentically. So on Sunday,March 30, we’ll set aside the presenting issue of same-sex blessings, and talk about Our Own Bible Beginnings.We will wrap up this conversation for the interim time on April 6.