Thanks so much to those of you who have signed up to help with the Tag Sale. This is the big week, leading up to our sale Friday evening and Saturday morning. Remember that this is our biggest annual outreach program, with proceeds going directly to the Salvation Army summer food pantry!

Click HERE for for tag sale schedule and contact information. A few notes:

We REALLY need more workers—especially for Monday setup, the sale itself (1 shift Friday evening, 2 shifts Saturday morning) and cleanup on Saturday. But we could also use your help at any of the intake hours this week. Sign-up sheets are in the Great Hall. You can also volunteer by contacting Anne Buchanan. Click on the link above for contact information.

Schedules for those who have already signed up to help are available here and in the Great Hall—plus, we’ll email one to you if we have your email address.

If you have items to donate, this is the week to do it. Intake hours are listed on the schedule here. Please bring items in through the Eagle Street entrance to the Great Hall—signs will mark the staging areas where you can leave things. If for some reason you can’t come by at those times or if you need someone to pick up an item, contact Anne Buchanan by clicking here.       

Please join us for a quick work session Sunday, March 31 after the 10:00 service. We’d like to get a head start on carrying items upstairs from the tag-sale storage room. This is not a long-term commitment, just a quick half-hour of moving things around. If you’re able-bodied and willing, we’d love a little help! Meet in the cloister room after Christian Discovery (about noon). Thank you so much!

 We still need people to distribute flyers. They’re available in the Great Hall along with a list of places where we especially want them posted. Please take the time to pick up a couple and post them on bulletin boards, windows, offices, and the like—and sign to let us know if you’re willing to take a flyer to one of the specific places listed.