Click here for a schedule of intake and sale hours.

Click here to access the volunteer roster.

Click here to access a PDF of the sale flyer that you can print out at home.

Thanks so much to those of you who cleaned out your closets for donations to our tag sale or have signed up to help. This is the big week, leading up to our sale Friday evening and Saturday morning. Remember that this is our biggest annual outreach program, with proceeds going directly to the Salvation Army summer food pantry! Here are a few notes and some helpful links. For more information, you can email or contact the sale chairperson, Anne Buchanan.

  • We want your stuff! If you have items to donate, this is the week to do it. A schedule of intake hours is posted above. Please bring items in through the Eagle Street entrance to the Great Hall and look for signs marking the staging areas where you can leave the items. (Please don’t put them on racks or tables where items are already priced.) The intake times will be staffed and we can help you carry items inside. If for some reason you can’t come by at the designated times or if you need someone to pick up an item, contact Anne Buchanan. She’ll make arrangements to help you.
  • We appreciate your willingness to help. Click on the link above for a roster of the times you signed up for.
  • We could use more workers—especially for Wednesday afternoon intake, and the 2nd shift of the Saturday sale. But we could use your help at any of the intake hours posted in the schedule above. Sign-up sheets are still in the Great Hall, or you can sign up by contacting Anne Buchanan as indicated above.
  • We still need people to distribute flyers and posters. They’re available in the Great Hall. Please take the time to pick up a couple and post them on bulletin boards, windows, offices, and the like—and sign to let us know if you’re willing to take a flyer to one of the specific places listed. If you can’t get to the church to pick one up, you can print out a PDF using the link above.