Learning the Basics - Basic Christianity at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

I’ve been looking for the right way to launch a newcomers class. And a confirmation class. And an Episcopal 101 class. And..

It is hard to provide something for everybody. Particularly when we are all at a different spot. Some of us take every opportunity to learn more about our faith. Some of us haven’t taken a church class since we were children.

This fall, we at St. Stephen’s are starting at the bottom. We’re learning the basics. Four courses designed and used by Episcopalians all over the country to explore and deepen faith. Starting from the ground up. Often called Basics classes or the ABCDs, these courses are simple, contained, and repeatable. They are appropriate to adults and older youth. They are designed to be engaging and loosely structured so that we can deal with what we need.

  1. We will begin September 13 with a four-week course called Basic Christianity. In it, we will explore the purpose, the hope, and the life of Christianity. It will help establish the base themes in our faith.
  2. On October 25, we will begin a five-week course called Basic Bible. We will explore our story, our scripture, our common narrative that we can better understand, not only why we call this holy, but what it reveals to us about our faith.
  3. In the new year, we will begin a four-week course in Basic Anglicanism. This is our opportunity to explore our particular faith tradition, Anglicanism, and our church, The Episcopal Church. This gives us a chance to learn about what makes us specifically us.
  4. Lastly, we will go through Lent with our Basic Discipleship course. This will engage with the actual practice of faith. This is our opportunity to explore what it means to follow Jesus, applying our disciplines and practices of our faith.

These four courses will be a great opportunity for all of us to engage our faith, our tradition, and where each of us fits into it. They are a great opportunity for newcomers to find out what we’re all about and a great way for our more experienced members to reconnect with our true purpose. This will also serve as a great opportunity for those interested in confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church to build the groundwork for a new life of faith with us.

There will be a modest cost of $20 per individual or family. This will primarily go to providing refreshments, making it easier for us to serve you. Please do not let this cost be a burden to you; scholarships are available (and eagerly given). RSVPs to the office or to me directly (rector@ststephensth.org) are appreciated, but not required. All persons, including guests and nonmembers, are welcome and encouraged to join us!



Basic Christianity - St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 9/13