We all know we’re supposed to pray every day. Most of us grew up with prayers at dinner (we call it, saying grace), blessing someone when they sneeze, and saying prayers before bedtime.

Many Christians have felt the call to more orderly prayers at different points in the day. In the Episcopal Church, we call these prayers the Daily Offices.

These “offices” are short worship services, done alone or in groups, sung or said, in the morning, noon, evening, and at night.

While many of us struggle to keep all of the offices throughout the day, morning prayer is one that many Episcopalians do with great regularity. For many of us, this is found in the opening of the day, in a quiet place, in bed or the dining room table.

Many of us have taken to using the BCP iPhone app or one of the several websites devoted to morning prayer.

To help us engage with what this practice can look like, St. Stephen’s will be offering Morning Prayer on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am. We’ll use a spoken prayer, drawn from several sources to blend together a common prayer that is worshipful and open to newcomers and the experienced alike.

We will also use the Morning Office lectionary pattern so that those who do the offices daily will be able to connect into the ongoing pattern.

You can trust that we’ll be done before a 9:00 class, but those looking to stay around and talk are welcome to do so!


Morning Prayer Wednesdays

When: 8:30 am

Where: Chapel at St. Stephen’s