Words by Gene England, with apologies to the Latin original Venantius fortunatus and translator Maurice F. Bell.

To be sung to hymn tune Salve Festa Dies by Ralph Vaughan Williams.


Hail thee, festival day!
Blest day that art hallowed for ever!
Day when the hail came down,
breaking the slate with God’s grace.

1.  Lo, in the wake of the storm
Are those who await the adjuster;
He gives the Vestry good  news,
“This roof is totally lost!”

2.  Forth from Church Insurance comes
A prompt and generous  judgment.
“Here are the funds to repair this
Mystical act of God!”

3.  Soon will the scaffolding climb
To heights that few dare in ascending.
Roofers up there scamper bravely,
Carefully laying the slate.