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Tag Sale Update for Donors and Volunteers

by Editor

Click here for a schedule of intake and sale hours. Click here to access the volunteer roster. Click here to access a PDF of the sale flyer that you can print out at home. Thanks so much to those of you who cleaned out your closets for donations to our tag sale or have signed […]

Resurrection Stories

by Drew Downs
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In the Easter season, we are treated to some of the most fascinating stories in the gospels. We might call them the resurrection stories. At one time it worried me that each of the gospel books had a different ending. One (Luke) has a walk to Emmaus. One  (Mark) has an empty tomb and no […]

Holy Week Meditations

by Drew Downs

It is my sincere hope that you have been keeping a holy Lent as we wind down to the end of our journey, to Jerusalem, to confront the authorities, to the Passion and the Resurrection. It is an amazing time for us, if we take a break from the hubbub and personal concerns, giving our […]

Holy Week, Easter, and a Brand New First

by Drew Downs

As we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, this culmination of our Lenten journey, check out the latest edition of First, the seasonal publication of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church! Inside you’ll find: Answers to serious questions! Reflections on Holy Week in worldly contexts! Poetry by Malcolm Guite and C.W. Christian! and an Easter reflection by the Presiding […]

Bring Lent Close

by Drew Downs
Lent at St. Stephen's, Terre Haute probably won't include a bucket of chicken

As we approach Lent, I’m actually excited this year. Excited that this season actually makes sense to me. And hopefully it will make sense to you, too. I used to have a love/hate relationship with Lent that was much more of the hate than the love. All the somber tones, the need to punish ourselves, […]

Ministry to the Homeless in Terre Haute

by Editor

Sandy Bush and Deby Veach volunteered last month as part of the annual homeless census, serving chili and peanut butter sandwiches at Fairbanks Park and passing out blankets to the homeless in Terre Haute. The Homeless Coalition  will be meeting every other month starting in February to look for other ways to provide for the homeless, not only in January but […]