In Matthew 10:24-39, we find the downside of discipleship, the hard stuff which would drive us away from it. If we didn’t know what’s at stake.

from discipleship to civil rights to now
Proper 7A  |  Matthew 10:24-39

There are certain times preachers don’t want to take on the gospel. Often because it’s hard to talk about money or sex or divorce. The gospel is never really convenient or easy on our hearts and nerves when we’ve got a lot to lose.

For a lot of us, this week’s gospel reading is in the top 5 Least Loved Gospel Passages for Preaching. Because it’s hard to hear. And even harder to talk about.

It’s hard to talk about because it sounds like Jesus is talking about violence. That he’s endorsing it! Endorsing violence and division. And so many take it that way. And faithful people throughout history have read into these words the justification for violence and kicking out their LGBT children. They make Jesus into the divider, a champion for their “Us vs. Them” mentality.

And because that isn’t true, Jesus isn’t that crusader, we don’t hear this story either. We don’t hear it for what it is. Now I hope we can hear it. So let’s hear it together.

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