For the Christian, adversity isn’t something we merely overcome, but something through which we live. In Jesus, we see what this looks like.

And the Divine Liberator
3rd Sunday after the Epiphany |  Matthew 4:12-23Isaiah 9:1-4

There’s a seam in our story this morning. One in which, if you’ve been following along, might cause some difficulty. It’s a small thing, really. Last week, we meet Andrew and another in the gospel we call John as disciples of John the Baptist. This week, in Matthew they’re fishermen. A small matter, but significant.

Why do I call this a seam? Seams are those places where two things are stitched together. Two pieces begin as separate, then become one.

But we can’t stitch a seamless garment. For a garment to be seamless, it has to start out that way.

And our Scripture is not seamless. Not by a long shot.

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