When Peter calls Jesus the Messiah, he gets the right answer the wrong way. A pattern we repeat in our fear of chaos and of intimacy.

how Jesus reorders the chaos through us
Proper 16A  |  Matthew 16:13-20

Changing the Image of God

If you’ve ever watched a painter work a canvas, you see the very transformation of absence into presence. The white canvas gets swirled and lined with color and these vague shapes begin to form substance.

You watch as the image in the artist’s head begins to form in real time. These swirls begin to form faces and these others the clouds and these others the grassy hills. And in real time the picture comes into focus, the picture which was inside their mind is made manifest.

It’s like we can see her thoughts and what she cares about in watching her paint. As she creates life, like the breath of God.

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