In the Passion, we become the witnesses, not only to the brutality put upon Jesus, but to the violence we impose upon one another.

the Crucifixion destroys the justification for violence
Good Friday  | John 18:1-19:42

Ending Violence

It’s often said the Passion preaches itself. Its power is self-evident. But it doesn’t quite preach like the fire and brimstone is beneath you and the vultures are picking at your neck.

It preaches more like a sequence of photographs — of refugees washed up on shore. Or it preaches like the New York Times without the sports and entertainment sections — a never-ending collection of conflicts.

The Passion preaches like a college friend dying of cancer and another in war. Always with the chilling reminder that our daughters and sons may join them. Another school shooting? Or another one prepping for war?

The Passion doesn’t preach like Billy Graham. It preaches like the headlines of a country living under brutal tyranny. So to say it preaches itself oversells our ability to hear good preaching.

To hear that the Passion is actually about us.

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