We get that Jesus wants his followers to love others. It’s just that we have plenty of “yeah, but” excuses for not making it more important.

Following in the way of Jesus means relearning to love
Easter 6A  | John 14:15-21

My parents were going out on a date and I was old enough to be left home without a babysitter. Just not old enough to make good decisions.

I was asking them about going to a friend’s house (he’s moving the next day! I pleaded. I won’t see him again!) They weren’t going to be home anyway, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that they said no. They wanted me to be at home. They were going away.

I did what any responsible child would do given this unique dilemma, I tried to sneak out without getting noticed. I hopped on my bike, raced up the block, turning left toward Chisholm Street and rounded the corner, ditching my bike in the front yard.

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