The hardest challenge Jesus gives those inside the church is to recognize that the saving grace is not about who we were before, but during and after.

Making Sacramental moments with the love of God
Proper 21A  |  Matthew 21:23-32

Giving Grace

Before Jesus is teaching in the Temple and these chief priests and scribes question his authority, Jesus had to get there. When we saw him last, he was out, closer to home than Jerusalem, just a chapter ago. He was just teaching on the Laborers in the Vineyard and the Generous Landowner who keeps hiring more.

We know that Jesus is running around teaching about the Kin-dom of God and suddenly, this morning, just a chapter later, he’s in the Temple. What happened?

Well, you know the gist of it. He came to Jerusalem, entered on a donkey. The crowds going before him spread their coats and tree branches on the ground in his honor. While at the same time, on the other side of town, Pontius Pilate entered with the Roman Triumphal Entry. Standards reaching toward heaven, war horses and signs of physical might.

Jesus shows the people what a real “king” looks like and it’s nothing like what Rome offers.

Then Jesus heads to the Temple and disrupts the economy of exchange which facilitates animal sacrifice.

And now Jesus has shown up the next day to that same spot to teach.

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