When someone speaks of their desire to put the Christ back into Christmas, I like to ask which part of Christ is missing: the revolutionary or sacrificial?

The Christmas Story is told in the stories of giving shoes and coins
Christmas III  | John 1:1-14


Several years ago, when my daughter was very young she was convinced every person should wear shoes in their favorite color. Because…why not? Why wouldn’t you?

She loved pink, so she wanted pink shoes!
Mommy loves red, so she should get red shoes!

So when Rose asked her what they should get me for Christmas, she said

Daddy loves orange, so we should get him orange shoes!

I was serving a big well-to-do church in Georgia at the time; the kind in which a simple suit or a dress was the baseline and the little old ladies would keep track of how shined the priests’ shoes were; and as the assistant, I drew the smaller crowd of the Christmas Day service.

We celebrated the Feast of the Incarnation with great joy and below this very alb were my orange shoes. I shared how thankful I was that my daughter gave me these orange shoes and how much I wanted to please her.

I never heard about my choice of footwear again.

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