Mark’s gospel uses the word “immediately” a lot. But what if it isn’t literal or a figure of speech? What if the evangelist is getting us to see beyond our reality–to where the kin-dom already is?

How the immediacy of Jesus reveals the presence of the kin-dom
Epiphany 4B | Mark 1:21-28.


Time travel. It’s the holy grail of superpowers.

If you had to pick a superpower, you’d probably pick flight or super speed. But time travel would be amazing.

With “what if” we already make a game of going back in time—asking each other what we would change and who we would meet. Who would you have dinner with?

In the world of hypotheticals, time travel is the sexiest of powers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. I’m playing this video game called Life is Strange. The character you play can rewind time a few minutes. And it plays with how you make decisions. Because you can test out different decisions before making any one of them final. The thing is, rewinding time doesn’t make the decision-making easier. It’s actually harder.

And with our celebrating a new year, reflecting on the year which has passed, the getting another year older, it all has me thinking of time and our presence in the now.

Our translation of this morning’s gospel reading smoothed over an episode of time travel. You don’t believe me?

The full text and audio may be downloaded above or here.