In the Bread of Life discourse, Jesus seeks to teach his followers about God, but they keep missing the point. Just like we do.

Jesus shows us how our worry and fear keeps us from the truth.
Proper 14B  |  John 6:35, 41-51


It starts with a sign.

The hungry masses are fed with a kid’s lunch. Some fish and some bread. Perhaps there’s a metaphor here — like yeast, the feast keeps growing.

But this feast comes to the people in the midst of other things.
Feeding, healing, and sharing.
Work so profound, Herod thinks he’s seen a ghost.

Jesus is leading his disciples and all these hangers-on are following, desperate to touch, hoping to have a glimpse of the Messiah for themselves.

Perhaps they are hoping to be healed. They think there’s something wrong with them. Or they bring a friend to Jesus, looking to get them healed. Or maybe they are there to gawk. Hoping to catch another miracle. Another sign. Because one sign is rarely enough for us.

But Jesus tells them that all this misses the point. They’ve got it wrong. They’re confused.

Jesus isn’t a faith healer. He isn’t there to fulfill desires or individual hopes. He’s there to teach.


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