In the walk to Emmaus, Luke shows us the essential character of Jesus is revealing the invisible, showing his followers what true revolution looks like.

The road to Emmaus reveals the dream of God
Easter 3A  |  Luke 24:13-35

This is among the most famous walks in history. Two followers of Jesus meet a stranger on the road and walk with him, only to find out the stranger is Jesus. It’s a great metaphor for the confusion and misunderstanding of the faithful. For the ones who came with Jesus to Jerusalem. Carried their proverbial crosses. Expecting the revolution to look like all the others.

Still totally unaware of how different this one was. Is.

These two disciples are walking alone; a far cry from last week’s frightened huddle behind a locked door. Only Thomas seeming to have the courage to face the outside world. Here there is little fear. Not from these two. Two willing to walk with a complete stranger.

And they pick up a conversation with him. A conversation about Jesus.

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