In his meeting with the woman at the well, we see how Jesus moves us from division, selfishness, and separation toward inclusion in God.

A woman, Jesus, and the well which connects them
Lent 3A  |  John 4:5-42

Growing up on Lake Huron, in the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan, the living water of the Great Lakes is persistently present. Like a slumbering beast you knew would awaken. Not to us by the shore, by the harbor where fishing boats and freighters would dock. But out a few miles from the coast. Where storms whip the waves into a violent rage, bringing even the most stable of human-made vessels into sinking crypts.

The water is alive. But in the light of day, it looks like it’s sleeping.

The water was always present. Just look east. You can find your bearings from that. Swim and make sandcastles. Or find one of the hundreds of rivers and canoe or kayak into the heart of the state. Follow riverbanks which hold the trees at bay; the canopies speckling the water with dark dots amid the sun’s shimmer, dancing next to the craft.

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