In Matthew 16:21-28, we see not just a simple rejection of Peter for being stupid, but a rejection of the historic seducing power of power.

How Jesus shows us to reject the seduction of power
Proper 17A | Matthew 16:21-28


Repent of PowerBefore he foretells of his death, Jesus warns his followers about the Pharisees. While it’s direct, it’s also cryptic and difficult. It’s a warning we’ve struggled to heed in the many years since.

At the beginning of chapter 16 in Matthew, the Pharisees and Sadducees confront Jesus. They’re Jewish leaders with the clout of organized religion behind them. Think scholars and theologians and religious orders. Think of commitment to the truth and tradition.

They confront Jesus after he has healed countless people and miraculously fed thousands. And because we know the story, we refuse to give them the benefit of the doubt. But if we try, just a little, to see it their way, we might find something here.

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