In preaching repentance, John reveals the surprising truth about the mission of Jesus. That we are first called to admit that we were wrong.

the radical heart of an unconventional faith
Advent 2B  |  Mark 1:1-8


Repentance--Turning Toward Love

Reading the opening verses of Mark, we’re often struck by what’s not there.

There’s no Mary and Joseph.
No trip to Bethlehem, to David’s city.

We hear no angels and see no shepherds.
We spy no expectant parents and their flight into Egypt
or another baby leaping in another womb.

And then, we are often struck by what is there.

A man shouting in the wilderness
dressed strangely, demanding greatly,
and dunking people in the river.

I’m struck by our fidelity to the content of the birth story, but not to the content of the gospel itself.

We know the birth story, or at least the conception of the birth story cobbling together both Matthew and Luke by way of Charlie Brown and Christmas pageants.

But what I see when I open up the Bible to this gospel we call Mark and read these words, I don’t hear Christmas carols.

I hear something far more powerful.

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