They don’t feel like blessings, but they are. Because Jesus wants us to flip our economy upside down to make God’s dream for us a reality.

The Beatitudes bless us in seeing
4th Sunday after the Epiphany |  Matthew 5:1-12

I don’t know what the disciples expected when they followed Jesus up the mountain. Maybe a great wisdom. They hadn’t been following him long. They visited a few cities in the region. So they were just getting to know the man. And he goes up the mountain. They follow.

And he unveils the very dream of God.

I don’t know that I’d get it any better than they. I’ve read this gospel countless times and it still convicts me.

But what he does in a short few verses is lay out the alternative vision of the world. Of an upside down economy: a kingdom ruled by the weak and fought for by peacemakers. A vision which turns on its head everything they already knew about how God is working in the world.

And he begins by naming people who are struggling, suffering, oppressed by the dominant culture and he calls them blessed.

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