In Acts, the followers of Jesus show us what it looks like to follow Jesus. But are we up to accepting the challenge for ourselves?

The challenge of trusting God in the 21st Century
Easter 4A  |  Acts 2:42-47

You’ve probably heard the story before. It’s told several ways, but often goes something like this.

There was a man, living near the Mississippi River. He was a faithful man. He served on the church board and the evangelism team and was there every Sunday. One particular Sunday, the conversation at coffee hour was about the hurricane in the gulf, still a ways out, but many were making plans. His plan was to stay home and wait.

A few days later, the local meteorologist warned that the hurricane had shifted and was nearing landfall. The people should evacuate. The man decided to stay put. He had God to protect him.

When the storm hit, the river surged and flooded. His house was filling with water. A woman, rowing out in a boat, offered to take him to higher land. But he declined. He was waiting on God.

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