If the problem is an earthly king, enthroned in power for years, then GOD revealed to us instead a Messiah, enthroned on the cross for a matter of hours.

Jesus invites us to follow a weak Christ rather than a mighty king
Last Sunday after Pentecost C |  Luke 23:33-43

Our church year ends this morning, the Last Sunday after Pentecost, and we end with a doozy: the crucifixion. The most fitting gospel choice for today, dubbed in 1925 as Christ the King Sunday. The day we are to celebrate the primacy of Christ over human authority.

And today, we’re reminded what that primacy actually looks like. It’s not as a king adorned in fancy robes, but stripped naked; not respected, abused; not worshiped, mocked.

This is our King. Unjustly killed–another innocent victim to violence, humanity’s true original sin.


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