The apocalyptic opening to Advent always shook me. Now I realize that this is the whole point. Advent isn’t about the baby, but about us.

Advent, new beginnings, and the distorting pain of nostalgia.
Advent 1A | Mark 13:24-37


The Pain of Memory

The people collected their weapons. The secret gatherings swelled with supporters coming from all over the hill country. The ragtag militia was beginning to look like an army.

Their leader’s rhetoric soared, lifting their hopes for victory beyond their imaginations. The farmers in the back began to realize that with the grace of God all things are possible.

The arduous road was long, but the victory would be sweet.

And with each new telling, the numbers swelled. Victory against their oppressors was going to be assured! The fake king would be toppled and the line of David restored!

So with all these storms of revolution swirling around him, the evangelist we call Mark gave his people a different message: run!

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