Following Jesus can be really hard. But in the Transfiguration, we have a story about following the path, even when it forces us to face our fears.

The Transfiguration shows us how to face our fears
Transfiguration | Luke 9:28-36

They Entered the Cloud

Jesus chose three disciples to join him up a mountain, for prayer. It must be an honor to be chosen. How special they must feel to be given this time with Jesus. Alone, personal. With all the walking and the teaching and the crowds following everywhere, it’s a wonder Jesus would even think of them. To consider sharing this time with them.

These few, these three, they follow him up a mountain, which we all remember is where God appears to humanity. Remember, God appears to Moses, most famously. With those tangible tools: a bush, some tablets, a stick. The mountain is where God appears.

And when God appeared one of those times Moses climbed a mountain, when they were leaving Egypt behind; Moses was worried they wouldn’t know where to find God. He thought they’d be lost in the wilderness without God. And still God came to them at night as fire and in the day in a cloud. And in these forms, God went with them out of Egypt and into the dangerous wilderness.

Fire and cloud. It wasn’t that long ago that we had the tongues of fire and the presence of God, the Holy Spirit in our midst, in the Pentecost. We remember God in the fire. But do we remember God in the cloud? In the dark, storm clouds above; in the thunder and lightning? Do we remember God is even with us?

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