We stand here today because this is our work. To stand in the breach. To bridge the gaps and bring peace to a people at war. Not with false offerings of unjust silence, but in waging reconciliation.

How to find unity in the church at time we feel so divided
Proper 28

At convention this year, our bishop (she’s our bishop for 6 months more!) spoke to the difference between a homily and a sermon. There is no “official” difference between the two. There are no experts to tell us such things anymore, not in this age when truth is so refuted and facts are indeed a fiction.

But this wise woman told her people a homily is tied to the text and a sermon is not. So then you well know how much I preach homilies for I bind myself to the text. But today, I’m hearing the words of another wise Episcopalian woman. The esteemed, Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney says our lectionary choices this week might too tempt us to cheap grace. So a sermon it is.


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