As followers of Jesus, we are called into discipleship. But that doesn’t mean being more righteous than our neighbors but merely generous.

Hospitality in an age of hostility
Proper 8A  |  Matthew 10:40-42

To Not Be Righteous

This short gospel reading doesn’t seem like much. But if you’ve been following along the last few weeks, then you know it is anything but simple. Not even close. The context is huge and even more so when we place it in an even wider context.

Let’s start with one of the Bible’s most famous stories captured in Genesis 18 and 19. Here, Abraham is visited by three men bringing great news to Abraham and Sarah. They will have a baby, even though they are long past peak fertility! God’s promise is solid. So this becomes an even more beautiful and human story when Sarah can’t even contain her response to this ridiculous generosity. She laughs. At God.

Then the three men begin to leave, and Abraham, the good host, sees them on their way. And as they go, they set their sights on Sodom. And here, we get this rich inner dialogue from God. God is wrestling with whether or not to tell Abraham what they’re about to do.

And God decides to show Abraham the truth because God has called him into this way of being. He needs to see.

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