In the story, Jesus walks on water. So does Peter. He is just doing what Jesus did, offering us an option at a time of great fear.

When darkness divides with fear there is beauty in hope
Proper 14A | Matthew 14:22-33

Walking on Water - sermon

The first time I walked on water, I was 16 years-old. I had never done anything so intentional as that before. It was a bold ask: for guidance in a confusing time. A quiet prayer that I was too cool to do directly, in a church or a bedside. It was in a youth hostel in Mühlhausen, Germany.

There was no pool, of course. It wasn’t that kind of place. The assignment has been lost, as has the poem I wrote, but it was there, then.

I wrote a sonnet. I hadn’t written poetry, but I wrote this sonnet and it wasn’t terrible. For me, it was the math of counting syllables and the ABBA rhyme scheme which drew me in. Then it was the iambs which made it fun, the rocking sound of cadence, up down up.

In that moment, on the other side of the world, I was called out of the boat and I leapt.

The full text and audio may be downloaded above or here.