From the Tomb to Our Lives/Easter 3B/Luke 24:36−48

The resurrected Jesus doesn’t stay in the assurance; he doesn’t stay in the place of comfort. He takes them back to the time before, taking them to the memory of when he was alive. Taking them to the time in which he was alive and talking about dying. Talking of the Scriptures, of the hopes and dreams of Israel, of GOD’s dream for humanity. For them. And he brings them back there. He brings them to their beginning, their grounding. He brings them to the thing that matters more than his standing before them. The thing that is the everything of the resurrection: that Jesus, the Human One, the Christ, is more than the one who died and was raised. Jesus is more than the crucifixion and the resurrection. Jesus is more than the Son of GOD and the partner with GOD. Jesus is more than a theological construct of the divine.