In our crass consumer culture, we get the Feast of St. Stephen which reminds us giving comes with sacrifice and love comes with challenge.


The Feast of St. Stephen is the moral corrector for a shallow Christmas.

Why Stephen

The question we’ve all asked at some point, even if that point was a short time ago when you walked in here is this: why do we celebrate the first martyr on the day after Christmas?

What a buzzkill!

We’re all happy and giving thanks for the light coming in the darkness; the birth of Christ! Jesus is here!

Or we’ve happily gathered with family and friends and we’ve shared gifts, watched Christmas movies, the whole bit.

Stephen’s a bit of a downer, isn’t he?

This quest to figure out our patronal feast day has led me down so many different rabbit holes, I’m not sure what I’ve found. Which actually may be the best part of the story.

The full text and audio may be downloaded above or here.