And what will be found in the coming days is another crowd made up of the leaders and their followers, who will orchestrate the killing of the new king. The Lord who is mistaken for a peasant, a nothing man, a vagrant, a false prophet. Because he looks the part.

Palm Sunday and the revealing of God
Palm Sunday A  |  Matthew 21:1-11

Hear the excitement in the air, crackling with power and uncertainty, with the anticipatory cries of “Hosanna!” For here is the new king, anointed, blessed successor, and reuniter! The one who would bring the glory of the one kingdom back with its conquering power! He is here and we will be saved!

Excitement and confusion and nervous anticipation, no doubt.

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday, the opening act in a profound story of God’s love. A story which will have exuberant highs and despairing lows. And it will be told over the course of one week. A whole week. A week filled with action and quiet, hope and devastation, support and betrayal.

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