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Jesus’s Departing Prayer Incites a Different Kind of Revolution/Easter 7B/John 17:6−19 Jesus, talking about “the world” seems to be describing the desired action rather than describing the status quo: the culture or people. You sent me, I came, I taught, I send, may you protect them, I sanctified so that they could be sanctified. It […]

The Hard Message of a Simple Love


To Love As Jesus Says and Does/Easter 6B/John 15:9−17 “I worry about our own love of violence and punishment. What we in our predominantly white community think when we see another young black man getting beaten up. It feels like this one young man was our scapegoat, the one we could all heap our punishment […]

Living in the Midst of Death


Jesus’s Vine Image and the Challenge of Abiding in Him/Easter 5B/John 15:1−8 The abiding in Jesus, the being with and loving him, swimming in the Spirit: this is the work. It is how the plant remains healthy. It is what the vine grower looks for. It is the sign, the assurance that fruit will be […]

We Are Witnesses


From the Tomb to Our Lives/Easter 3B/Luke 24:36−48 The resurrected Jesus doesn’t stay in the assurance; he doesn’t stay in the place of comfort. He takes them back to the time before, taking them to the memory of when he was alive. Taking them to the time in which he was alive and talking about […]