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Getting behind Jesus

Proper 19B

Jesus turns toward Jerusalem before his followers are ready Proper 19B  |  Mark 8:27-38 This is the first movement in the turning point, the turning away from the early life of Jesus and toward his destiny. The turning away from safety and toward the danger of the cross. The turning away from home and toward […]

More than dogs

Proper 18B

a call to reconciliation Proper 18B  |  Mark 7:24-37 Given our country’s spotty record on race relations, on exploitation of others, it is far too easy for us to ignore our place in the mess.

Breaking the rules with Jesus

Proper 17B

Jesus as the bad influence your parents never warned you about Proper 17B | Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 We are so much like the Pharisees. We really are. We focus on the rules, not their purpose or how they encourage us to build strong relationships with GOD, one another, and the wider community. That is […]

Afflicting the comfortable

Proper 16B

how an act of division brings restoration Proper 16B  /  John  6:56-69 For all the struggle and confusion and offense we take, with one another, we aren’t called to perfection or to be a church that makes everybody feel good all the time. We’re called to be at least a little uncomfortable because we need […]

Broken bread, a broken father

Broken bread, a broken father - sermon for Proper 14B

A vision of GOD through David and Jesus Proper 14B  /  2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33; John 6:35, 41-51 Everyone who reads this story thinks Joab acted wisely. Everyone. We believe Joab was saving David from himself and was right for doing it. I’m not sure the text does, though. And I’m not sure GOD does.

Not a role model

Proper 13B

King David and GOD’s beautiful, flawed creation Proper 13B  /  2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a; John 6:24-35 David isn’t a role model. His isn’t a story to tell us that “with GOD, all things are possible.” We shouldn’t imitate David. His sin – a sin we recognize as a sin against GOD, his neighbor, and Bathsheba herself – […]

The Scandal of Jesus


…and the Bitterness of His People Proper 9B / Mark 6:1−43 Jesus doesn’t force us to believe. Jesus doesn’t want us to work on the earnestness of our belief: just believe harder – believe more – believe right: to force us to get it. Jesus gives us signs and invitations and these opportunities to see […]

To Make People Whole Again


The Power and the Faith of Restoration Proper 8B / Mark 5:21−43 Could it be that we’ve already taken Jesus more seriously than that? That we’ve spent 2000 years trying to bring the Kingdom closer? And could it also be that we are far from being done? That there are many among us who need […]

Of What Are We Afraid?


The Power of GOD and the Faith of the People Proper 7B / Mark 4:35−41 This is what trust looks like, what faith looks like. Not only in the mustard seed, but in the calming of storms. Not only in the theoretical, but in our lives; in our triumphs and challenges; in our doubts and […]

Asking for What Isn’t Ours


The Perfect Leader, the Perfect Community, the Perfect Church Proper 6B / Mark 4:26−34 & 1 Samuel 15:34−16:13 We receive a GOD, who like Samuel, weeps over Saul and the people’s rejection. Or scatters seeds in strange places and allows them to grow, even without our help. Or sends us a promise in a new […]