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It is not so among you

Proper 24B

The Great Sort has already begun Proper 24B  /  Mark 10:35-45 Jesus shares with them what the Kingdom of GOD is like, GOD’s Great Economy, not so they have something to look forward to later, but so that they would live in it now. Right here. On the road to Jerusalem.

What the Kingdom doesn’t look like

Proper 23B

Love and inheritance Proper 23B  /  Mark 10:17-31 Simply getting rid of our stuff isn’t the action Jesus is calling for. Not exactly. Though it is certainly much closer than “GOD wants you to be rich.”

Possessing the Kingdom

Proper 22B

How our focus on law and politics misses the real revelation Proper 22B  /  Mark 10:2-16 He’s not mincing words. The Kingdom belongs to them. Not the disciples. Not the Pharisees. Not the Romans. The children. We need to hear these words.