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This is where the church stands


We stand here today because this is our work. To stand in the breach. To bridge the gaps and bring peace to a people at war. Not with false offerings of unjust silence, but in waging reconciliation. How to find unity in the church at time we feel so divided Proper 28 At convention this […]

Don’t Run Away

Don't Run Away

We cannot run from this responsibility to fix the brokenness and bring Shalom (peace) to our community. Bear fruits worthy of repentance! Because if we can’t do it, GOD will find someone else to do it! GOD can make the children of Abraham from these stones! Preparing for GOD means dealing with problems Advent 3C […]



Jesus’s Departing Prayer Incites a Different Kind of Revolution/Easter 7B/John 17:6−19 Jesus, talking about “the world” seems to be describing the desired action rather than describing the status quo: the culture or people. You sent me, I came, I taught, I send, may you protect them, I sanctified so that they could be sanctified. It […]

The Miracle


The Nativity and the Christmas Truce / Text: Luke 2:1-10 / Christmas / Photo Credit: From The Illustrated London News of January 9, 1915: “British and German Soldiers Arm-in-Arm Exchanging Headgear: A Christmas Truce between Opposing Trenches” via Wikipedia