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Paving With Good Intentions

Lent 2C - Paving With Good Intentions

But that is the mission. Jerusalem is the goal. This is where it will be finished. This is where the glory of GOD will be revealed and death will not have the final word. How the Pharisees try to warn Jesus and he keeps going anyway Lent 2C |  Luke 13:31-35 To full text may be […]

Possessing the Kingdom

Proper 22B

How our focus on law and politics misses the real revelation Proper 22B  /  Mark 10:2-16 He’s not mincing words. The Kingdom belongs to them. Not the disciples. Not the Pharisees. Not the Romans. The children. We need to hear these words.

Breaking the rules with Jesus

Proper 17B

Jesus as the bad influence your parents never warned you about Proper 17B | Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 We are so much like the Pharisees. We really are. We focus on the rules, not their purpose or how they encourage us to build strong relationships with GOD, one another, and the wider community. That is […]