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Advent 4 – Worship Fully

by Drew Downs
Advent + Christmas at St. Stephen's!

Read: Psalm 111 To catch up, read the previous posts: Spend Less,  Give More, and Love All. I really get into Advent. While other people are getting ready for Christmas, I’m fully into Advent. Anticipation. Waiting. Christ is coming! This, of course, rubs my family and friends the wrong way. My love for Advent comes off as […]

Advent 3 – Love All

by Drew Downs

Read: Psalm 34, Isaiah 61 To catch up, read the previous posts: Spend Less and Give More. It is very easy to look at religious faith as a tool for being a good person. Do this. Don’t do that. Make these particular choices. Avoid those. Be prudent and wise and everything will work out for you with […]

Advent 2 – Give More

by Drew Downs

Read: Isaiah 9:6-7, Ephesians 1:3-10 To catch up, don’t forget to visit last week’s post: Spend Less. This time every year, I think of the French philospher Jacques Derrida. Weird, I know. But stick with me. Derrida named the inherent problem with giving gifts: their unspoken obligations. If you think about the social contracts we enter into, […]

Advent 1 – Spend Less

by Drew Downs

Let’s be honest. We know we shouldn’t buy so much stuff. Deep down, we all understand it. How can we who follow the Christ who told a pious young man to give up everything he owns still think we can fill our lives with more stuff? We who talk about “putting the Christ in Christmas” […]

Advent 2016

by Drew Downs

While the Christmas season has begun to creep into Halloween out in our culture, we are given a different season in the church. A season which comes first. Advent is marked as a season of anticipation and waiting. Like Jesus’s parable of the bridesmaids in Matthew, this waiting has both a sense of hope and […]

First – A Brand New Newsletter!

by Drew Downs

Check out our new newsletter, First. Why “First”? You’ll have to read it to find out: If you want to download a copy to read later or share with a friend, you can click here: First – Advent! Or check out the fully embedded version. Want to help with the next one? We need volunteers, stories, pictures, […]