Jesus sends his disciples out before they’re ready to do the work they don’t understand. A lot like us. Because that’s the work for us to do.

Jesus never said discipleship was easy
Proper 6A | Matthew 9:35-10:23

An Embarrassment of Grace

Some time ago. A few years before seminary, before I preached my first sermon or proclaimed my first gospel, I was getting up to read for the first time in church. The first time since I was a teenager, anyway. I hadn’t looked over the readings. In fact, my Dad, who was the priest and my advisor sprung it on me as the service was beginning.

I walked with as much confidence as I could muster, stood at the lectern and looked down at the bulletin with the garbled vision of the fearful. The words may as well have been numbers and the directions in a foreign language. The confidence of one who lived his entire life in church, who knew so much of the liturgy from memory was gone and I was a stranger in my own home.

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