In the ascension, Jesus leaves the followers with the vision, mercy, and love to do the work they were already doing, always called to do.

The Power and weakness of God is in us, in our love and work
Easter 7A  |  Acts 1:6-14, John 17:1-11

The book of Acts begins with an end.

It begins at the end of Jesus’s earthly ministry and his return to God. Much like Jesus describes in that tangled web of relationship we find in our gospel story from John.

So it begins with the end and then proceeds to a beginning. A new life and ultimately, a new faith.

And we receive this beginning between the Ascension, which we celebrated on Thursday, when we celebrate this very moment, and Pentecost next Sunday. Today it is that odd Sunday we call Easter 7. After the ascension, but still Easter. An end, a beginning, at the end, before the beginning.

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