In the stilling of the storm in Mark 4:35-41, Jesus opens the disciples to the frightening possibility that they were wrong. And it reminds us that Jesus has the same message for us. “Peace. Be still!”

The fear Jesus gets his disciples to face is not the storm. It’s change.
Proper 7B  |  Mark 4:35-41

The Back of the Boat

It was a dark and stormy night. And being in a boat is about the last place the disciples should’ve been. The waves, the lightning! Something’s bound to get them.

And the first question anyone should ask when reading this story: why are they out there in the first place? That should be our first question. And I have some really bad news. We don’t really know why. It doesn’t say.

The body of water they are crossing isn’t an ocean. Surely they could see the storm coming. And the sun is going down. If this were a scary movie, we’d be shouting at the screen “don’t get in that boat!”

If anything should clue us into the fact that this is a story about trust then we should pay attention to this first moment: they trust Jesus enough to get in the boat when surely they have a reason not to.

So this story begins with trust.

But something happens.


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