When Jesus goes home, he’s surprised by how he’s treated. How they’ve judged him without really knowing him. This is our contrast for what it means to love.

They take offense and we move on from there.
Proper 9B  |  Mark 6:1-13

They Take Offense

When we moved down to Georgia some years ago, we knew fitting in wouldn’t be easy. We’re yankees, of course, and I grew up above the 45th Parallel which makes me a sort-of second-level yankee. Kind of like being from Atlanta is more “true south” than Nashville and Savannah more than Atlanta!

But there was this phrase my rector would use to describe the astonishment people had about us. “I actually liked them when we got to know them.”

There are certain situations when a backhanded compliment is still a compliment. And this was one of them.

But it named a view of the world I didn’t actually believe was out there: that given where I came from and what they continued to assume about me they would feel justified in disliking me before knowing me. Like judging without all the facts—just assumptions.

It’s this dynamic of judging without knowing that leads this town to its infamous position. They make it the only place Jesus goes where the love of God isn’t found.


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