In 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13, we find a grieving Saul and a grieving God searching for a new king. Even though God still doesn’t want the people to have a king; even as there is a king still on the throne.

Even with our lust for power, we’re still driven to love.
Proper 6B  | 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13

We Are More Than Kings

God said to the people: I don’t do kings. God really could not have been any clearer on that. No kings.

But the people so wanted one. Of course, we know the feeling. When we feel trapped or confused. Surely someone can come along and fix us. Save us. Whatever. Same difference.

There’s a stickiness to such a situation. When we get stuck and we start grabbing and the dirt sticks to our hands, getting dirtier and dirtier, but we’re not getting anywhere; we can’t dig ourselves out. We’re getting covered and yet we aren’t any closer to getting free or clean.

Or like everything is like a nest of tangled strings or shoelaces or earbuds and you can’t find the end and when something comes loose, it just tangles you up more.

The need for a quick fix and a powerful restoration of order is really compelling. When we’re stuck, we want out.

But it isn’t just when we’re stuck. It’s when we feel stuck. Which can be when we feel comparatively stuck. We know this feeling too. It’s called “keeping up with the Joneses.” Of course, it doesn’t have to be the Joneses. It could be Smiths or some other neighbor; some other family which is better off than we are.

I always feel bad for the Joneses, actually. Everybody’s always trying to keep up with them. Maybe they’re really good marathoners and just can’t find anybody who can keep up. That’s got to be hard too.

We know it’s not a race, right? Life isn’t a competition, but we make it one. One “they” are always winning.


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