In John 1:29-42, the invitation to follow Jesus doesn’t come from him. It comes from John. In this hero’s journey, the hero is a disciple.

The invitation to follow is only the beginning of the journey
2nd Sunday after the Epiphany |  John 1:29-42

There’s a part in every story when the hero is invited to do something ridiculous. Something beyond his comprehension or her ability to see. It’s usually something that, if they knew how it all would play out, they’d probably just say,

“You know what? I think I’ll pass.”

Heroes are the heart of our stories. Rey or Luke Skywalker, Neo Anderson, Frodo Baggins. And each is invited to take a risk.

In the church, we speak of this as “being called by God”. But for us, it’s less like a phone call and more like a flash of inspiration. What we receive is an invitation; an offering, opportunity. This is it! Here’s our chance!

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