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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and after much deliberation and direction of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis,
we have suspended the use of our building for in-person Sunday worship until further notice.

We have moved our worship online and are striving to make the experience as meaningful as possible.

Find our services at: or on Facebook.

Watch our Congregational Conversation about in-person gathering.

And while we are required to keep distance between us physically, that doesn’t mean spiritual distance. We can find community,
even at a distance.

New resources will be available on that same page.

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Online Formation

Join us for Worship

Sundays, 8 & 10

@the church – We gather for Holy Eucharist, in an open, meaningful worship experience. Our early service is spoken and the later service includes music and chanting. You will also find we enjoy fellowship time after both of our services.

Thursdays, noon

@the chapel – We gather midweek for a collaborative worship which often commemorates a saint or holy day. It is a spoken service in our more intimate chapel. We often share in lunch afterword.


St. Stephen’s is a people of radical welcome. We embrace the diversity of human experience: cultural and racial identities, gender identity and sexuality, ability and economic circumstance.

We believe that each of us reflects the imago dei, the image of God. To truly embrace that vision, we must recognize, affirm, and celebrate the holiness found in all creation. All of us are called to witness the love of Jesus and to share in the breadth of our response to his grace.

And we hold to the diversity of thought foundational to our tradition. We blend ancient worship practices that cultivated the faith for generations with a creative sense of our present. There is no singular belief required to be with us to worship or serve.