3253239387_61f2466309_mWelcome to St. Stephen’s home on the web. We hope you’ll come visit us in real life and let us get to know you.

For directions and worship times, click here. For information about how we worship, click here. Click here to access our St. Stephen’s FAQ. If you’re a college student curious about that middle church across from ISU, click here. And to get a better idea of who we are and what we believe, read on!

We are a diverse community—students, teachers, working people, active retirees, farmers, financial planners, lawyers, mom, dads, and kids. We believe all are created by God and are loved by God just as we are, with gifts to offer and answers to discover about the world. We believe we do this best in community and that we find ourselves best by reaching out and serving others. And we truly believe there is a place for everybody in the life of our church. Maybe even a place for you.

Worship is a big part of who we are. But although we follow a centuries-old liturgy and confess a common creed, we are not rigid in worship or lockstep in our beliefs. Even if some of us think differently or struggle with doubt, we believe we can still love each other, pray together. study Scripture together, and support one another in our Christian journey. (You’ll find we tend to take the Bible very seriously but not always literally.)

We’re big on outreach, both in partnership with with folks like the Salvation Army and on our own. And we love, love, love to get together for fellowship, fun, and food.

Finally, we are a community in transition. We have just called a new rector (our priest in charge), so that’s one kind of change we’re experiencing. Our demographics have changed in the last twenty years, so we’re grappling with what that means. You might say we’re a church under construction, and we’re excited to see what God has in store for us as a people.

We’d love you to come discover it with us—and grow with us.