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To Widen the Circle


Pentecost, with its loud, violent wind, its flaming tongues, and its utter chaos of voices which resound into a symphony of unity in diversity, is about GOD so utterly changing the game we still aren’t sure how to play it.  The Spirit reveals and reconciles Pentecost  |  Acts 2:1-21 The full text and audio may be […]

On the Other Side Of the Wall

On the Other Side Of the Wall

GOD wants that perfect community and we go “But that’s too hard. Give us a tyrant who can just tell us what to do. A good one, not a bad one.” And GOD says there’s no such thing. The reign of Christ and the end of fear Proper 29B  |  John 18:33-37

In the Midst of Chaos: GOD


We’re arguing about all these other things, while Jesus is literally saying that this road leads to his death. We’re all just following along with a “eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” But now Jesus is saying that bridge is toast. It’ll be thrown down and we are woken from our […]

The Saints Unbound

All Saints' Day

But I wonder, if we listen close, if we don’t hear words, we’ll hear weeping. Weeping for the loved one lost? Weeping for GOD’s own? Weeping for our pain and suffering and confusion? Weeping because we haven’t listened.  Mary, Martha, Lazarus and the Light of the World All Saints’ Day B  |  John 11:32-44 

It is not so among you

Proper 24B

The Great Sort has already begun Proper 24B  /  Mark 10:35-45 Jesus shares with them what the Kingdom of GOD is like, GOD’s Great Economy, not so they have something to look forward to later, but so that they would live in it now. Right here. On the road to Jerusalem.

What the Kingdom doesn’t look like

Proper 23B

Love and inheritance Proper 23B  /  Mark 10:17-31 Simply getting rid of our stuff isn’t the action Jesus is calling for. Not exactly. Though it is certainly much closer than “GOD wants you to be rich.”

Possessing the Kingdom

Proper 22B

How our focus on law and politics misses the real revelation Proper 22B  /  Mark 10:2-16 He’s not mincing words. The Kingdom belongs to them. Not the disciples. Not the Pharisees. Not the Romans. The children. We need to hear these words.

Embody faith

Proper 21B

The physical, living faith of following Jesus Proper 21B  /  Mark 9:38-50 We must read this in the context of Jesus teaching about the children. About the poor, the disadvantaged, the disempowered, those stripped of full humanity and equality in the world.

Learning Love

Proper 20B

Following Jesus into a different understanding of love Proper 20B  /  Mark 9:30-37 It seems that they don’t want the world that Jesus is offering: the upside down economy of GOD’s divine fellowship of faith. They want to rule.