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Asking for What Isn’t Ours


The Perfect Leader, the Perfect Community, the Perfect Church Proper 6B / Mark 4:26−34 & 1 Samuel 15:34−16:13 We receive a GOD, who like Samuel, weeps over Saul and the people’s rejection. Or scatters seeds in strange places and allows them to grow, even without our help. Or sends us a promise in a new […]

Choosing GOD Means Looking Funny


The Sort of Liberation Jesus Offers Comes with a Helping of Crazy Proper 5B / Mark 3:20−35 & 1 Samuel 8:4−20 We don’t have to commit ourselves to oppression and isolation and these things that destroy our spirit and drive away the Spirit from us. We can make GOD more important than our country and […]

When the Spirit Comes


Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, and Testifying in Truth/Pentecost B/John 15:26−27 & 16:4−15 Spirit shows herself in the world and for some reason, we can’t see her; she speaks and for some reason we can’t hear her; she touches us and for some reason we can’t feel her. Not every time, not always, anyway. But she isn’t […]