This fall, we’re trying something new.

Our existing Christian Discovery with Children program has been revamped and will offer a new pattern for our life together. I’m excited to share with you what that pattern looks like!

K*I*D*S Worship

Beginning in September and going through May, we will be offering a new take on the idea of “Children’s Church”. It’s called Kids In Divine Service or K*I*D*S Worship.

Each Sunday during most of the school year, our young and young of heart will process out after the procession to have an age-appropriate reading and reflection and prayer time. They will return to “big church” at the Peace.

While I’m one who likes having the kids in the nave for the whole service, this will give them a chance to do what we do in an experiential and intentional way. And the good news is that this still gets them an opportunity to bond, learn, play, and create each week.

Christian Discovery Events

These monthly events after our 10:00 service on Sundays give our young members more opportunity to learn and play through hands-on projects and Bible-based lessons. By scheduling them once a month, we can also encourage parents to put them on the calendar for the future.

Our upcoming Sun-Fun Days are

  • November 19We will be preparing for Advent–learning about the coming season and creating our own Advent wreaths
  • December 10This will be a “Parents’ Afternoon Out,” designed to allow a little break for parents and maybe some shopping time, so it will last longer than usual–from 11:30am – 5pm. Kim Wagley will be helping us make gingerbread houses, and we’ll have games and other activities–maybe even a movie.

If you are looking for more information, we’d be happy to talk with you.