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St. Stephen’s is a medium-sized church in the heart of Terre Haute, Indiana. We love gathering in our beautiful historic building for worship, but we also value our involvement with the greater community. Music is an integral part of our spiritual lives; we chant the psalms and bring in local musicians to enhance special services. We also cherish our life together and find that, for us, food and fellowship frequently go hand in hand.

We are an Episcopal church, one of only two in our immediate area. We are part of the Diocese of Indianapolis, the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA), and the worldwide Anglican Communion. (Click here for more information about the Episcopal church.)

St. Stephen, the first deacon and first Christian martyr, is our namesake and our example for faithful service to Jesus Christ and to the world he loved. Our church crest depicts the stones that killed Stephen and the palm branches that signify worship .StephenShield

We occupy a distinctive location, located across the street from Indiana State University and not far from three other colleges/universities in the community. We are an easy walk from downtown, nestled between two other churches. Click here for a map and directions or here for answers to frequently asked questions.

We are a small-medium-sized parish, but we strive to make a mark on our community, and we take seriously our call to be Jesus’ representatives here in Terre Haute. We are a people of strong faith, proud of our history and our traditions but open to the possibilities of change. We are an open-minded and diverse group—young and old, married and single, gay and straight . We try to be friendly, hospitable, compassionate, and inclusive to those who show up in our pews—we open our doors to all—and we are eager to welcome new members.

We are also a people in transition—on the journey to be transformed in God’s image and learn what God is calling us to be in this particular place and time. (Click here for information about our recently completed rector search and our vision for the future.) We hope you’ll consider being part of our adventure!